Gee Gahir - Seasonal Lifestyle Medicine & Holistic Stress Management Specialist

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Trained in medical science, Gee’s expertise spans across two decades in the healthcare industry from scientific research, sales & marketing, education and patient care. Having
experienced the effects of stress on her own wellbeing, Gee exemplifies the benefits of integrating a multidisciplinary approach to regaining and maintaining health through the
seasons. Read more about her experience living with osteoarthritis, managing corporate stress (workplace wellbeing), and developing lifestyle clinics for Psoriasis

Skipping meals, eating on the go, working until the early hours of the morning, addressing physiological symptoms of stress (fatigue, dry or inflamed skin, digestive issues, adrenal exhaustion, PMS, sleeplessness, anxiety, headaches), and muscular issues related to poor posture (RSI, joint pain, text neck) are just some of the common patterns her clients present

What to expect
In addition to your medical notes, Gee is trained in traditional oriental diagnostic methods (face, tongue and pulse reading) which reveals an energetic blueprint of health, your 5 element body-mind- energy composition. Gee advocates a unique fusion of ancient and modern mind-body healing practices inherited from her yogic roots and inspired through her training in traditional Chinese medicine to formulate non-invasive, easy to adapt seasonal lifestyle prescriptions. A vegetarian from birth, Gee’s expertise in plant based nutrition and seasonal recipes provides a priceless adjunct to your consultation.

Choose from a variety of services offered by Gee at Skin55 – by appointment only:

Gee’s Signature Seasonal Lifestyle Medicine – unique to Skin55
Ancient wisdom foretells the secret to attaining longevity, health and happiness is by aligning lifestyle habits with the natural cycles. Gee’s Signature Lifestyle Medicine offers patients an experiential and transformative journey of living well through the seasons, with step by step holistic guidance to navigate your wellbeing and mapped to support your 5 Element body- mind-energy composition, over the course of a year (12 appointments).

Stress Management – holistic treatments with Gee
Shiatsu (mind body emotion balance) includes seasonal dietary advice.

Acupressure Massage (Face, head, neck, shoulders and back) ease muscular tension, reduce inflammation and treat your self to a Natural facelift!

AcuYoga –a unique system of therapeutic movement (yoga & qigong) for postural health, with Breath Body Mind technique developed by Dr Richard Brown & Dr Pat Gerbarg to alleviate physiological symptoms of stress and anxiety.