Scar Treatment

Dr Saqib Bashir and Miss Kathleen Fan provide a bespoke scar treatment and revision service for facial and non facial scars.  Having led the scar clinic at King's for 10 years, they are experienced in correction of post surgical scars, traumatic scars, road traffic injuries, pigmentation and others.  They are also experienced in dealing with complications of cosmetic treatments.  The clinic has a sensitive and caring approach to meeting the patient's needs. 


Surgical scar treatment

Surgical scars can be improved at any time post surgery with lasers such as the Erbium:Glass (Cynosure Icon), CO2 (Cynosure Smart Skin), and pulsed dye lasers. 

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment 

Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation readily responds to treatments with pigment specific lasers such as the Q-switched Nd:YAG.  At Skin55 we use the Cynosure Revlite which is one of the best systems available.  Your dermatologist will advise which treatments will be most suitable for you and if any other tests or investigations are required.  

Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation treated with Nd:YAG at Skin55, Harley Street, London