New Acne Treatment with Laser and Gold

*** This trial has now finished and Sebacia treatment is commercially available. See our Sebacia page for more details***

Now Enrolling into a Phase 4 Clinical Research Trial

Our clinic has been selected for a UK based consumer adoption study of a new non-systemic treatment for Acne. The treatment utilises a topical agent which is activated by a laser to hinder sebum production. For participation in this study you will need to fit certain criteria, and commit to 3 treatment sessions over 3 consecutive weeks. You will be provided with 2 weeks worth of skin pre-conditioning facial wash to ensure the pores of your skin are as clear as possible to maximise the treatment effect. This treatment is free of charge on the condition that you consent to your data being used for the purposes of the evaluation study. 

If you fit this criteria and are seeking an Acne treatment contact us via the booking form or telephone us so you can be considered for participation in the study.

Acne is almost a universal condition affecting nearly every teenager at some stage. When it progresses from more than the occasional pimple or continues into adult life we consider it a medical condition. There are many types of Acne and so assessment by a Dermatologist ensures the appropriate treatment is prescribed and tailored specifically to your type of Acne. Treatments include specialized face washes, gels and creams, systemic treatment (tablets) including antibiotics, hormonal treatment and Roaccutane (which can only be prescribed by a Dermatologist) as well as laser therapy and medical microdermabrasion.

Early treatment of acne is essential for the prevention of lasting cosmetic disfigurement associated with scarring and treatment depends on what type of Acne is present.

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