Katie Millett - holistic health coach & yoga teacher

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Further information www.katiemillett.com


Being a working mum of two young children, Katie fully appreciates the demands of busy modern life. Identifying the potential effect on our health and well-being, which can be exaggerated by poor nutritional and lifestyle choices.  Within clinic we identify ‘red flags’ in both LIFESTYLE (stress, exercise, career, self care etc ) and NUTRITION to develop appropriate health and wellness goals and with this, the strategies to reach and maintain them. 

Through her keen interest in epigenetics, Katie offers one of the most comprehensive evidence-based, scientific DNA tests on the market (PURE Genetic Lifestyle) to further tailor nutritional, health and disease prevention plans to the individual, based on their unique DNA.

Katie runs the popular talks ‘Mindfulness and Meditation for the Modern Mind’ by Mike Newell. These one hour talks focus on making the practice achievable, by understanding the effect of regular practice from a neuroscience perspective.