Mole Check Clinic 

A β€œmole check” is one of the most common reasons to visit a dermatologist.  Dermatologists have particular expertise in examining and diagnosing moles, skin cancer and other skin growths.  

What can I expect?

At your visit, the dermatologist you see will conduct an assessment of your risk of developing abnormal moles or skin cancer.  Following this a full skin examination is performed.  For this, you will be required to undress to your undergarment, and a nurse chaperone is available to assist. If you are concerned about any growths or moles in the genital or pubic area, please let the doctor or nurse know. 


Where required, moles are assessed a specialised hand-held light known as a dermatoscope.  The is a rapid, painless method of analysing moles with polarised light and magnification that allows the dermatologist to see deeper into the skin.  If required, a digital dermatoscopic record of your mole can be recorded for future reference. 

Mole Mapping

If you have multiple moles, unusual looking moles or a history of skin cancer, we may recommend mole mapping.  This is a specialised form of digital photogrophy, performed by an qualified medical photographer in studio conditions.  

Full body shots will be taken, with a nurse present if required, and close up dermatoscopic images of selected moles. 

A CD or memory stick of your photographs, with password protection, is provided to your dermatologist for future comparison.  A copy is also available to the patient if required. 

One stop mole clinic

At you visit you will be seen and examined by consultant dermatologist (not a nurse unlike other commercial clinics). You can expect:

  • A full skin examination

  • Instant answers about your mole

  • Immediate surgery or booking of surgery at your convenience, unlike commercial clinics

  • Lab results typically within 48 - 72 hours of mole removal

  • No need to send images of your moles elsewhere, unlike commercial clinics

  • No need to return to your GP for referral letters, unlike commercial clinics

Our systems and nursing support are set up for immediate removal of skin cancer, should you need it.  There is no delay and usually no need to come back another time for mole removal.